Hi All,
I'm new user CNC Laser, im using CNC 3018 cutter and change my motor with laser 5.5w. I've trouble for using my CNC Laser. If you want to see my hardware, I've attached 2 image, that is image socket in my controller CNC 3018 and image socket in my laser 5500mw.

The trouble is when i'm turning on my controller, my laser always on. example, if i'm adjust power laser with a small power, the laser will make a small laser (not enough to engrave wood). But, if i'm execute my picture from GRBL Laser, my CNC will engrave the wood as a picture. My question is, Can i make my laser turn off? maybe via gcode command and my laser turn on only when i needed (Example when execute picture). I'm trying to send command like S0, S500 or other value, but that's not change anything.

*Note, the first time i'm usng GRBL v0.9. And i'm program new arduino via GRBL Laser to make new GRBL Controller with v.1.1.

Sorry for my bad english