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    Laser cutter power issue

    Hi everyone,
    I recently installed a new tube and power supply to my ls3020 laser cutter. Everything has been working fine for a few weeks (machine has done approx 30 hours of cutting/ engraving) however, I went to the machine today and have massively reduced power from the tube and it will not cut through 3 mm mdf.
    I ran a testjob and looked at the laser whilst it was cutting and I am getting a strongish purple glow from both ends of the tube but nothing in the middle. However, when I press the pulse laser button I managed to get a very strong full beam throughout the tube.
    Any ideas why I'm not getting the correct power when I'm trying to cut an actual job?

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    Re: Laser cutter power issue

    It sounds like a possible power supply issue unless there is a loose connection. Sounds to me like a capacitor breaking down in the supply, it can produce a short pulse at nominal power but not sustained nominal power.

    Someone else might be able to confirm my thoughts.

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    Re: Laser cutter power issue

    I think makercut is right. You should check your power supply issue.
    Do you have a user manual?

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