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    Laser fiber engravement

    Hello everyone,

    Hope someone can help me. I recently bought a Laser Fiber machine from China and I´m doing some test. I use Coreldraw to make some CE plate (identification plates for machines) and then, converting to PNG file I open in EZCAD software to engravement.

    The problem is that if I use a shiny metal, the laser only marks the black drawing but if I use metal not too shiny, then the laser makes the engravement also of the white background.

    Can someone tell me how can I fix it in EZCAD?

    Attached is one pic to show the test I have already done.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Laser fiber engravement

    Easiest solution is to export out of coreldraw as a vector file rather than a PNG. I use DXF, then add a hatch in ezcad.

    When you export as PNG the computer breaks the image up into a grid of pixels and the software adjusts the power for the darkness of the pixel. Even white still has some amount of power. You can change this in EZCAD, but you will be much better off if you use a vector. It will be faster and look better.

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