Laser gold cutting machine is a cutting process:For the metal processing industry, metal cutting is an indispensable and important process in this field. Among them, laser cutting is recognized as a substitute for traditional processing because of its high processing quality, fast speed, diverse methods, wide material adaptability and low cost. One of the most effective processing methods.
An auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut is also added during the laser metal cutting process. When steel is cut, oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas to form an exothermic chemical reaction oxidizing material with the molten metal, and at the same time, it helps to blow away the slag in the kerf. A type of plastic for cutting polypropylene uses compressed air, and flammable materials such as cotton and paper are cut to use an inert gas. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle also cools the focusing lens, preventing smoke from entering the lens holder and contaminating the lens and causing the lens to overheat.