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    Laser marking white POM (Delrin/Polyoxymethylene/polyacetal)


    We have a need to laser mark some enclosures molded in white POM. And our client wishes that it will be with a high contrast.

    I know its possible to add some additives to the POM before molding - but right now he has 100 prototypes that we need to laser mark.

    I have a 30W fiberlaser and a 30W CO2 laser marker.

    With the CO2 laser I can make a fine and detailed engraving - but of course still white in white.

    With the fiberlaser I get no result at all - no change in the surface.
    I have seen a video on youtube with a fiberlaser and white POM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmmgZijtCwg but no mention of the settings. And maybe this POM is with additives?

    All Laser marker sprays I can find are for metals - not for plastics.

    Does anyone knows of any tricks to successfully mark (not engrave) in POM?

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    Re: Laser marking white POM (Delrin/Polyoxymethylene/polyacetal)

    can you try for 30watt fiberlaser,
    10% of power, 50khz frequency and speed around 2000mm/s and play with these, as for line intervals like 0.05
    thank you.

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