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    Laser not firing

    I have a redsail x700 laser. I recently cleaned the machine. Cleaned the mirrors and the bed only. I went to turn machine back on and would not cut would only burn a line. Trouble shooted with China and they recommended to replace tube and power supply. I did because they were probably due to be changed any way. Laser with fire when I press the test button on the Power supply but will not fire when I press pulse button. Cannot check mirror alignment without it. Replaced tube so need to make sure I am aligned. So I’m thinking it is a wire that is loose or something. Pulse worked before all this. Laser just wouldn’t cut so I replace tube and supply. Can anyone help me with this?

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    Re: Laser not firing

    You could prop some wood directly in front of the tube. It will also glow pink if it’s operating.

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