hi everyone! i recently bought a blue laser of 40w 450nm, i am using a 6+ glasses, but and my partner is using the 4+ glasses, i have thinking of using the machine a lot, so i want to have a super secure system, i make a enclosed system for my laser machine, i want to put a panel in top of the enclosed system so i can monitoraded the machine, off course even with this panel i will still use my glasses, i have two options in mind, one is the "Acrylic Sheet - Class 4 Viewing - 410", that specs are: "410 is an Acrylic laser filter window offering protection primarily from 190-532 nm and 10,600 nm lasers." it cost the panel of 12x12 inch $150, and the second option if the "Low Power Viewing 920", that specs are protects from certain laser wavelengths and proves a maximum optical density of 4+. This laser safety windows offers protection primarily from Class 2 and Class 3 laser systems operating between 360-610 nm. , this one cost $55 the 12x12 panel, so i want to buy that one, but i don't know if that if good for my laser or i should but the firts that is 3 times more expensive, thanks a lot for your help, i let the link for both option here



PD: i mail the people that sell that panel and give the information of my laser and they recommended the firts option but i think that is a bit off of my budget