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    Laser Tube Size Clarification

    I am getting ready to build a laser cutter based on the plans from FurtherFabrication... I was looking at getting a 130w tube. They are offered in both 65mm and 80mm diameters. The 65 is about half the price. Specs seem to match other than lifetime, which is 8k hours for the 65 and 10k hours for the 80. Outside of price is there any reason to go with one, over the other? Is there any functional difference?

    Also would a CW-5000 be a sufficient chiller for this tube?


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    Re: Laser Tube Size Clarification

    80mm laser tube is recommend for 130w, that should be Reci or Yongli, good brand. Yes, CW5000 chiller is ok for this tube, of course, if it is very hot in your shop in summer, CW5200 will better.

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    Re: Laser Tube Size Clarification

    Thanks for the response, but can you explain why this is the case? That's what I want to understand.

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    Re: Laser Tube Size Clarification

    Because different technology, different production line, different raw materials etc.

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