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Broke tool T1 - Need offsets remeasure. Knee mill. Ref tool F1/F2 question.

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Forum: AjaxCNC Control Products

It definitely sounds like you are getting things confused. Hopefully, I can shed some light on the situation. When creating the tool offsets in the Tool Offset library, ...

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New Rapid Turn Installed

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

When I saw your original post I checked the wild horse website but didn't see anything like that. Is it from the folks who make the wild horse probe, or someone else? Terry

21 minutes ago

rc brushless spindle motor

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Forum: Spindles / VFD

Hi, I ordered this motor sec ago. N5065 380KV 1665W High Efficiency Brushless Motor For Drones Multicopter Skate Scooter Skateboard Set DIY Electric Skate Boardit was a ...

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Hurco BMC20 Dynomotion Retrofit

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Forum: Dynomotion/Kflop/Kanalog

You should be able to do that. I did a similar thing with my spindle drive. Sent load meter signal in through analog inputs, converted it to digital counts, then i scaled ...

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Rigid Tapping on a PCNC1100

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Forum: Tormach PathPilot™

I've been unable to make it work so far but I believe this is where my lack of linux expereince comes in. I can find the mesaflash executable file using a search window but ...

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Help Prevent corrosion & humidity

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Here is a good price for Inox right now with free shipping https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B004WL4OQO/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new Go down to the ...

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Forum: Uncategorised CAM Discussion


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NEED HELP... missing steps

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Forum: Gecko Drives

Some people run into a bug where Mach3 ignores the acceleration settings in some cases, and tries to accelerate too fast. You may be seeing this, but I can't say for sure.

Today, 17:25

free models

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Forum: ArtCam Pro

360574 If you are not sure that you know how to download, it is better not click Download !!! If you have clicked download, and opened an unknown site, close the tab and ...

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G540 and unbranded steppers

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Forum: Gecko Drives

with a multimeter check you have correctly the identified the motor windings was it originally a 3 or 4axis 6040 router ? what was the original stepper drivers ? - if you ...

Today, 17:01

EdgeCAM 2017 R1

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Forum: EdgeCam

you dont have to "switch" like before. select your machine by clicking "create sequence" then select the "machining" tab above that, select your tool and roll. the tabs ...

Today, 16:13

ball screw position relative to the rails

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Forum: Linear and Rotary Motion

Hi there, I have bought an 8x4 router machine that needed a good looking at, but now is running pretty good. Some of the bearings needed replacing. There is a video below. ...

Today, 16:10

Refurbishing my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

Update, Here is a picture showing the broken parts. Thanks, Bryan

Today, 15:51

PathPilot™ v1.9.11 Now Available

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Forum: Tormach PathPilot™

If you connect to the Samba share from a networked PC you can drag/drop/delete with ease.

Today, 15:43

Choosing the right Laser Cutter

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

but I could be on the complete wrong track here You are not. A properly design system with ball-screws and servo should cut much better than one withe steppers and belt. But ...

Today, 15:27

VFS5 Fault Led - ERR 14 Power BUS

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Forum: Cincinnati CNC

That 'error' is common and happens on good vfs5 drives all the time; are you sure it is a real issue for you? Are you saying there NO Other faults shown in the error ...

Today, 15:22

G540 and Chinese VFD setup help please?

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Forum: Gecko Drives

Hi gbraddam, I think im in a similar boat to you, as i also recently purchased a 6040 CNC (Beige, branded CNCEST) containing a PRT-E1500W and also upgraded to a G540 I had ...

Today, 15:21

Help with Novusun NVEM control card

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Forum: Controller Cards

one more problem with NVEM CNC ethernet 6-axis controller. When an A-axis is slave to X-axis (or any other axis), I have a problem with homing of slave axis. it dosn't work. ...

Today, 14:38

Problem with Quick Change Motor Connection Kit

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

See https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Mounting-2-Position-3-Phase-Changeover/dp/B00NWGLYCM for a Chinese clone of a real Kraus & Naimer switch. I have no idea of the quality!

Today, 14:31

from image to wood?

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Forum: Machine Created Art

Norvasc Active Ingredient: amlodipine is used for treating high blood pressure and angina (chest pain). Amlodipine (Norvasc) is used for treating high blood pressure and ...

Today, 13:57

Mirrors and lens

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Forum: Laser Optics

HI all Can anyone give any info on what are the differences between the mirror materials. Where to purchase? Also how do I find out what lens is in my machine. No markings ...

Today, 13:56

syntec 6mb post processor

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Forum: MadCAM

Hi Aspire have the Syntec PP on it's list. 360556 /Mike yes i know syntec is there, but i get a drawing g-code in angle on the table anything .tap get the ...

Today, 13:38

need help

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Forum: Fanuc

i have a kryle KVC 7 while i was working the machine went in emergency stop due to the contact of the emergency switch broke down i replaced that switch and now the ...

Today, 13:18

China NEMA 34 motor kit problems

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Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

What I have tried Motors with different mh some with 22mh others with 4.2mh also a NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 Different Drivers from a 7amp China to a gecko drive g540 Different ...

Today, 13:00

Cut order of objects

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Forum: VCarve Pro

The simple answer, that there is no simple answer. You really need to play with the demo and see if it will do what you need. The ordering they have is Rows / Columns / ...

Today, 12:41

how to use limit switches in Mach3

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Forum: Mach Software (ArtSoft software)

Hello Please i need help on my home made CNC : I have my own CNC machine home made and i'm using Mach3 software every thing is good except limit switch , when the machine ...

Today, 12:02

YAPSC:10V : The glue between Step/dir and +/-10V servo amp

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Forum: Open Source Controller Boards

Does anybody have any of these boards available to purchase or is this project no longer going? Cheers

Today, 11:17

Okuma MC 4VA with OSP500M-G

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Forum: Okuma

hi, We bought second hand Okuma from Switzerland MC 4VA with OSP5000M-G, the seller disassemble servomotor from Z-excel I think maybe to get out the machine. We do the ...

Today, 11:01

Simulation error

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Forum: BobCad-Cam

That error indicates that you've loaded the simulation without generating any valid cutting paths, were cutting paths visible before you loaded the simulation? If you ...

Today, 10:37

Attaching dial indicator

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Forum: Taig Mills / Lathes

Yes, something like this. 360552 They have a dovetail at the top and along the rear and usually come with a cylindrical mounting post that lets you mount it directly into ...

Today, 09:36

R2E3 Error 2000

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

If you have the maintenance manual, look for the FIST EVENT MONITOR. By making a cable to K3 on the FMDC, and a PC running terminal software (PROCOMM in chat mode), you can ...

Today, 09:32

G.Weike photo engraving problem

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

No, not yet. Can you help?

Today, 08:57

Spacing between parts for waterjet cutting

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Forum: General Waterjet

Regarding nesting multiple parts, is there a minimum spacing between parts for waterjet cutting?

Today, 06:38


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Forum: Fanuc

All doors close/open normal. I will check the G8.0 on next week after the weekend. May be some key in any door not close the electrical chain and in this case error ...

Today, 06:35

Looking at a Torq Cut 22

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

Thanks. I'll try the computer ps. I've already swapped motherboards, but still get the error. Only now did I find that I could have powered it from 240. Would've saved me ...

Today, 06:27


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Forum: Benchtop Machines

Saturday...... done list. - Fabbed up a foot pedal bracket for the power draw bar on/off. - Hydraulic intensifier solenoid bracket. - Ran the hard line for the oilier ...

Today, 06:15

Bridgeport Interact 412 tool changer pneumatic air cylinder replacement ?

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

Keep looking for the manuals on ebay plus i know there is a website that sells digital copies. You want a bt40 pull stud with a 45 degree head. I have had 2 of these ...

Today, 05:58

Need help to zero A1, A2, A3 Citizen C32

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Forum: Swiss Lathes

sorry, i see your post now. yes you can spray oil of the slides. I would also oil the spindle bobbin. way oil or hydraulic oil is fine. the ballscrews are grease and there ...

Today, 05:27

Stainless steel parts processing of the welding process characteristics

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Forum: Articles

Repair process points Mechanical parts welding is more difficult to weld than steel structure, because the welding parts not only to ensure the strength, stiffness ...

Today, 05:25

Tormach slant 15 or Precision Mathews 1330CNC

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Forum: Tormach Slant Lathe

Matt is a great guy and provides lots of support to his customers. One downside of a converted engine lathe: Not enough X-axis movement (only 7"). So you probably can't do ...

Today, 05:18

Hardware parts processing manufacturers analysis of ultra - precision parts processin

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Forum: Articles

Hardware parts processing manufacturers, ultra-precision parts processing accuracy to nano, and even the final atomic units (atomic lattice distance of 0.1 to 0.2 nm) as ...

Today, 05:14

Stainless steel parts are generally used in the way

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Forum: Articles

1) stainless steel parts machining manufacturers, product parts generally use a combination of self-made and the combination of the way. Such as electroplating, ...

Today, 05:11

The Characteristics of Compound Machining of CNC Turning and Milling

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Forum: Articles

1, the second line of a hard CNC machining center X, Y, Z triaxial travel: 1000 × 600 × 600mm. 2, the spindle drive for the belt, the maximum speed: 8000rpm (standard), ...

Today, 05:08

Sieg C2- How much can you bore out the spindle?

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Forum: Mini Lathe

Picked up a C2 a year and a half ago, made some parts on it, nothing real labor intensive. Working on a project right now that that it would be great to have a lathe for, ...

Today, 05:05

Hardware parts processing of the thickness of processing

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Forum: Articles

(1) metal parts machining manufacturers, roughing process from the workpiece to cut most of the processing margin, so that the shape and size close to the finished product ...

Jim Dawson
Today, 03:41

Anilam Crusader M Retrofit

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

Hello All, I have a 3-axis Anilam Crusader M on a Bridgeport Series 1 which to be fair for its age is a tremendous machine in terms of functionality and accuracy. However ...

Today, 03:02

Mill turning

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Oh I will look into it. Thanks

Today, 02:35


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Forum: HURCO

My 2012 Hurco VM10 will not startup. It is running Winmax 9. The cabinet fans come on, the axis drives read "bb", and the PC lights are on, however the front display screen ...

Today, 02:13

graduated scale from POINTS for unequally spaced CURVED SPLINE?

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Forum: Solidworks

I'll fool around with it, if it doesn't work I may be able to generate a data set for a slightly larger sundial and then use those points, but I don't think it will work ...

Today, 02:07

Mach3 2010 Screen set

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Forum: Screen Layouts, Post Processors & Misc

That's wisdom. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've gotten into too much trouble over the years ignoring that advice.

Today, 01:24

Optimum BF46 Vario spindle getting hot and tool holder sticking

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Forum: Benchtop Machines

Thank you! I'll give adjusting it a go in the morning Edit: now adjusted to be like this https://youtu.be/z6BMc3vgk3A After 30-40 mins running ...

Today, 00:52

Toyoda FA-550 with Fanuc 15M

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Forum: Toyoda

Its fixed, after removal of way cover on x axis, there are 3 pneumatic switches(PS1S) that have to close to allow the un clamp function M11, then rotate table to B0. then ...

Today, 00:50

Dolphin V13 - Tormach PathPilot Post Processor

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Forum: Dolphin CADCAM

As pathpilot is just a hacked version of Linuxcnc, I would be using the that processor! There is no reason why Dolphin or yourself can't change the post so on the fly tool ...

Today, 00:49

roughing radius problems

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Forum: BobCad-Cam

The zero is .025 above the test part only, that is because on the valve covers there is a small boss .025 above the surface that is the top of the radius. The gouge is the ...

Today, 00:39


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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

it is a amada fo 3015 with a fanuc 160i-l. The other question I have if you could help is there a way to restart a cut after a cutting head connection alarm or a z sensor ...

Today, 00:18

VFD Huajiang YL600-2s-1K5 G 110v

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Forum: Spindles / VFD

Hi mrbidge, I have the same VFD but in 220v. Can you post or share your manual? Maybe I can help, I have the Err02 error. Not Err04 but maybe we can help each other.

Today, 00:13

What's your workflow when a program uses ATC tools but also manual loading tools ?

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

I have an ATC and I use what to me is a much simpler system. I program the part using various means and decide which tool is needed to do each operation and code ...

Yesterday, 23:18

Drip Feeding Acramatic 950

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Forum: Cincinnati CNC

Anyone here know how to doo this? It was mentioned that it may be dooable in DOS, but my manual barely covers "DOS", and no mention of how to get there, or why I would ...

Yesterday, 23:09

MESA board recommendation for Pulsar and PathPilot

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Forum: Novakon

I use the Tormach PathPilot Mill post from Fusion. Its the built in one. Great! I really appreciate your help! Micah

James Newton
Yesterday, 22:51

Need help on hooking step driver to paralle port

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Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

You absolutely, positively, beyond ANY shadow of a doubt do NOT (NOT NOT NOT) need anything between the parallel port and the stepper driver boards. You maybe /should/ have a ...

Yesterday, 22:43

SIEG C6 Retrofit [Ongoing]

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Forum: Vertical Mill, Lathe Project Log

Still working on the X.

Yesterday, 20:57

Dynamyte 3000 for sale!

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Forum: Mini Lathe

Hi all, There are more stuff for clearance, please have a look: 360498 360500 360502 PM me if interested.

Yesterday, 20:13

Mori Sieki SL25 M spindle break

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Forum: Mori Seiki lathes

Hmm not sure, but all info did not come through. I started the machine everything seem to be great. But when I turned the spindle on and then off it seem to not have a brake ...

NIC 77
Yesterday, 20:11

Ballscrew End Supports - Opinions Needed - TMT (SYK) vs PVP vs China Generic

(12 Replies)
Forum: Linear and Rotary Motion

There is no problem with the bearing at the free end of the ball screw 'floating'. That is normal. The bearing at the free end MUST float so as to handle any effects of ...

Jay Kyle
Yesterday, 20:07

Erickson QC30 Spindle Nut

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Forum: Bridgeport / Hardinge Mills

Hi all, I'm re-assembling the QC30 lock nut after cleaning it up, but I didn't see how the inner spring and pin are positioned. Can someone who has experience steer me right ...

Yesterday, 19:21

Haas TM-1 maching out of spec parts.

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Forum: Haas Mills

Keep us posted! I will be interested to hear what you find. thx PM

Yesterday, 18:56

GCC LaserPro Spirit software or drivers needed

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

I've send you a pm.

Yesterday, 18:12

Maho 700 S question

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Forum: Deckel, Maho, Aciera, Abene Mills

Hi guys, I have some devices on my employers machine and I don't know what are those used for. I attached a photo to be more precise, the thing is about those two black faced ...

Yesterday, 18:03

Back with Surfcam

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Forum: Surfcam

Using traditional, not the new version. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yesterday, 16:46

New Centroid on Gantry router.

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Forum: AjaxCNC Control Products

I have a new 3 axis Centoid put on a lead screw gantry router. 4x4 Old Phoenix. I have gone thru the servo tuning. Used auto tune but it updates to high numbers. The servo ...

Yesterday, 16:07

Hurco MD3

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Forum: HURCO

P.S. I'm located in Europe, in Romania. But i can ship parts if you need them, or even the whole machine. Shipping the machine across Europe should be around 1.000 euro, i ...

Yesterday, 15:39

Problems on VM17 192 error and problems finding home.

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Forum: Milltronics

Also want to thank Sporty Bob he is a wealth of knowledge on these machines. Hi CGMaster, Yea, you need the full size hand held to check and / or set the mark pulse width. ...

Yesterday, 14:00

Resolvers Vs. Incremental encoders?

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Forum: Servo Motors / Drives

Hi Swamp, I am considering changing my Tormach over to servos also. Please document your build. I , and others, will appreciate it. Ernie D

Yesterday, 13:55

Prolight 3000 Turning Center

(16 Replies)
Forum: Benchtop Machines

Yeah, the .nc file and some information on what the lathe is doing wrong. Are any of the moves what you expect? Hey Dave! Sorry for the late response I was away all week ...

Yesterday, 13:46

Aussie Plasma Build

(13 Replies)
Forum: Plasma, EDM / Other similar machine Project Log

Looks really good Will. I've spent the day on software and have pretty much completed the LinuxCNC configuration. I had surgery on my finger on Good Friday after I stuck a ...

Yesterday, 11:40

40w chinese laser only works on around 25% power!?

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

360474360474 Heres a photo of the psu, are there any fuses which may cause this types of problem? thanks!

Yesterday, 11:36

All Post Processors

(94 Replies)
Forum: Post Processor Files

password please Does it need any passwords? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yesterday, 11:11

Happy to help with any Tornos questions.

(66 Replies)
Forum: CNC Swiss Screw Machines

i also happen to have parameters for ENC 164 with some Manuals (German Language). can provide but also looking for the favor. i have two machines one with live tool (with ...

Yesterday, 10:58

KmotionCNC... Did the windows 10 update kill you?

(9 Replies)
Forum: Dynomotion/Kflop/Kanalog

:banana: I have found a solution that works great for me , for now. I suspected that something with windows defender was involved, even it was deactivated in control panel. ...

Yesterday, 10:36

Desktop CNC Mill

(2 Replies)
Forum: Benchtop Machines

Have a look here: https://igg.me/at/deskmaster/x/14772029 (but no toolchanger)

Yesterday, 10:33

DeskMASTER - The Desktop CNC Mill

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Forum: News Announcements

Hi guys, we have recently build interesting CNC Mill to look at! Its solid, heavy and precise. We are running a crowdfunding campaign right now, so have a look ...

Yesterday, 07:24

Top cnc cutting tools for cnc machine milling

(5 Replies)

It's important to be familiar with and have access to the variety of different cutters commonly used on CNC Milling machines for various situations. At HZ technology, we are ...

Yesterday, 06:51

Wanting to convert new to me machine to Ethernet controls

(4 Replies)
Forum: Knee Vertical Mills

Thanks for the replies guys. The machine came setup to run Mach3 but being as I havent even got to use it yet, it leaves me pretty open. I literally moved the machine ...

Yesterday, 06:36

PP 1.9.10 released

(18 Replies)
Forum: Tormach PathPilot™

Close your eyes. Feel it. The light…it’s always been there. It will guide you..... Other Codes Don't forget G43 otherwise a crash is imminent! I prefer just to ...

Yesterday, 06:09

Puma 240 LC Turret Alignment

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Forum: Daewoo/Doosan

Bought a 240L on auction that was supposedly running but the turret is out of alignment approx. 15 degrees. Basically, centerline of stock is between 2 tools. Is this ...

Yesterday, 06:02

help with g0704 indexing/rpm ring

(18 Replies)
Forum: Benchtop Machines

i thought maybe the ensor may be the weak link too... so i ordered a couple ...are the wires easy to figure out... black-ground...... red 5v......white or blue signal

Yesterday, 04:50

My experience buying a Bodor laser from an American based distributor

(0 Replies)
Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

I got mine about two months ago a BCL-X1006 1000x900 mm tablewith 130 watt W4 Rici tube and cm 5000 chiller. I love the way the machine looks and the performance was ...

Yesterday, 03:57

Open source low cost servomotor controller

(137 Replies)
Forum: Open Source Controller Boards

Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know that there is an ODrive community getting started over at https://discourse.odriverobotics.com, with some discussion that you might find ...

Yesterday, 03:46

Share Your Files Part or Art

(11343 Replies)
Forum: General Metalwork Discussion

Anyone ever create a CAD file for the Clarkson University Logo? Need to make a graduation gift... I gave it a try. The bottom text is a bit different because it didn't ...

Yesterday, 03:37

SL-20 Enough Power??

(2 Replies)
Forum: Haas Lathes

Yep Thanks. I wasn't sure since I'm used to bringing it to its knees with several jobs I routinely run on it.

Yesterday, 03:16

Smithy MX200 CNC Mill

(13 Replies)
Forum: Smithy

Sorry about the machine damage - how out some pics of the machine?

Yesterday, 02:23

Tormach customer service

(24 Replies)
Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

My experience has been mixed. Regarding customer service specifically it has been ok. I've had a lot of problems setting up a Slant Pro Lathe and a 770 Mill. Called and ...

Yesterday, 01:40

Fadal 3016L in my Garage

(19 Replies)
Forum: Fadal

So now my biggest question is (I'm assuming you have a/c drives and motors) what transformer are you using? I can't get a straight answer. The factory stick on the back ...

HFO Tech
Yesterday, 01:40

WTS mocon and main processor board

(0 Replies)
Forum: Haas Lathes

If you have a 2010-2015 Haas machine then these boards will be direct replacement for the machine. If you have and older Haas than a 2010 then you will need to get the ...

HFO Tech
Yesterday, 01:35

WTS mocon board and main processor board

(7 Replies)
Forum: Haas Mills

Also if you have a 2010-2015 HAAS then these boards will swap out without a control upgrade.

Yesterday, 01:21

Chinese Laser for sale

(3 Replies)
Forum: Ebay Ads Here

Can I ask one question sir? is this unit still using the glass tube? how much is the 150W tube? on our units (because we have two of these) it only last us 6-8 months then we ...

HFO Tech
Yesterday, 01:16

HAAS ST30 Turret Alignment Procedure

(12 Replies)
Forum: Haas Lathes

If you know how to program it,then yes you can comp the taper it's cutting

HFO Tech
Yesterday, 01:03

Need a spindle drive repaired in the UK.

(2 Replies)
Forum: Haas Mills

Also, there are very few companies that will repair this drive. There are some companies in the United States,but to be brutally honest it'll be in the 5 figures to repair it ...

Yesterday, 00:31

For Sale: Rebuilt Chinese 1490 with 150w tube

(0 Replies)
Forum: Newly Posted Classifieds Listings

For Sale: Rebuilt Chinese 1490 with 150w tube CO2 Laser Cutter - Originally chinese manufacture - rebuilt over the last year with open source parts and proprietary ...

Yesterday, 00:19

DC-AIO moved the Y+ limit Do I need to re-run any setup or length of travel config?

(2 Replies)
Forum: AjaxCNC Control Products

Perfect and thank you. All working correctly now!