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pls, something about excel programing for osp ?

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Forum: Okuma

Hey Kitty, This does sound very interesting, wanna send me a copy? Cheers

9 minutes ago

Laser Cutter for 3mm Ply and Balsa

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

Hi rjsavell, minicncuser, elephantcnc Thanks for the replies, very helpful. @rjsavell - I'm not worried about the burn marks as these will be covered when I decorate ...

9 minutes ago

Small CNC using 20mm Profiles

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Forum: T-Slot CNC building

I have made an similar machine , i use it for aluminium , wood , plastics ... Only diference is tha tmy machine is made from aluminium plates all . Is working ok for all the ...

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free models

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Forum: ArtCam Pro

Thanks Ygorek, finally just sent a reply, it's been very busy this week. I've also just glued up some English Oak to machine the dragon clock for my son this weekend, so I ...

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3 axis part operation setups in madcam...ideas?

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Forum: MadCAM

You mention rotating the part , so are you referring to cutting both sides of a part , and how we manage the organization of the different steps ? Or something ...

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Forum: News Announcements

404 - Page not found moviescrib - Minecraft Games moviescrib - Minecraft Games Play Online moviescrib - Best Naruto Games In One Place moviescrib - Game-baby.net , Game baby- ...

Today, 12:16

Question About Refilling Laser Tube

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Forum: Laser CO2 Tubes, Diodes, RF and Power Supplies

Hello, Our company can refill gas for RF laser tube like Synrad, Epilog, Rofin and so on. Before you refill the tube, Please check your tube still work laser and prodution ...

Today, 12:00

Laser etching a double image

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

RD Works

Today, 11:45

Anyone purchased an Evo-One Desktop CNC mill?

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Forum: Benchtop Machines

Hi All. Not sure if this is the right place for this thread so if not please move it to where it belongs, thanks. I am new to this CNC stuff having recently purchased an ...

Today, 11:42


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Forum: News Announcements

itfatefug - Viewing Profile - Visifire WPF, Silverlight and Sharepoint Charts | Forums https://chrismannmusic.com/users/a0wAmKV8 OwnSkin Community: ryfatefue welcome you to ...

Today, 11:30

"power cabinet temp too high"

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Forum: HURCO

i am using hurco hawk 5m ultimax3 its show error "power cabinet temp too high enter machine diagnostic" i need help how resolve this problem.

Today, 11:29

Adobe Illustrator to VisualMill

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Forum: Visual Mill

Hello gmesheau I know your original post was in 2011, but I am also a Mac user and have found a very good program for emulating windows and running Windows programs ...

Today, 10:58

Issue with microstep driver (Z axis)

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Forum: Laser Hardware

Thanks for the reply! It's nice to finally get some advice on this. I assume I need to connect a wire between both inputs on that block? I'm actually not sure that they are ...

Today, 10:46

Breakout board input doesn't seem to switch when set to "Home"

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Forum: LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2)

Hi all, I'm just building my control panel for my CNC project. I'm a complete newbie to all this and I've come across a small problem. I'm using an Arduino Mega as the ...

Today, 10:45

CO2 laser tube beam characteristics?

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Forum: Laser CO2 Tubes, Diodes, RF and Power Supplies

Hello Alex, You don't need such information about spot diameter, beam divergence and so on. If you laser tube is RECI W4, it's 1450mm 100w laser tube, you can use mirrors ...

Today, 09:56

PostProcessor - Cimatron to SIEMENS 810D

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Forum: Post Processor Files

Hello good day. I need cimatron simens 840 810D.post

Today, 09:15


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Forum: Commercial Laser

Deze laserpen voelt zeer solide aan (alle metalen constructie). De opgenomen sigarettenaansteker USB-adapter is een mooie bonus. Wanneer de USB-poort is bedekt back-up, deze ...

Today, 08:27

Hitachi Seiki HG400 III

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Forum: Mori Seiki Mills

Hello, Can anyone tell me What could be the problem, My HG 400 II I wrote the correct tool position. Thank you356036

Today, 07:49

Bar feeder PF-V3S

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Forum: Fanuc

Hello, I have the machine Miyano BND-34S. Please support for me setup bar feeder PF-V3S. I have not the manual. Thank you very much.

Today, 07:39


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Forum: Benchtop Machines

I sure hope the German 'taster' and the Chinese 'mill' get along together...it's a little late in the game for a divorce. Stuart You'll love it!.... But beware, not cheap ...

Today, 07:24

Tormach customer service

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

My point being Jeff (I suppose you had to read between the lines) is that people are more willing to help (even on minor issues) if you make yourself more personable. This ...

Jim Dawson
Today, 07:08

Standalone stepper control

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Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

Jim, thanks very much for testing this out. I will give it a go at the weekend. My pleasure. Happy to help out :)

Today, 06:45

How to chose chinese laser cutter/engraver?

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Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

Understanding how a laser tube works is very important. Just because you have say a 60 watt laser doesn't mean you want to run it at 100% rather it's best to run it at lower ...

Today, 06:45

Rapidcnc Drilling and milling machine

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Jinan Rapidcnc machinery is a dedicated manufacturer of CNC products including CNC Router ,Laser,plasma cnc drilling and milling ,cutting plotter etc . If you are looking ...

Today, 06:44

Glass Scales with Resolver

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Forum: Fadal

Howdy, Does anyone here have experience with glass scales on a Fadal. I have acquired another Fadal, a 1996 4020. The machine ran fin with the scales unplugged. For ...

Today, 06:40

Anybody ever break a pullstud? Am i safe to use used ones?

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Forum: Fadal

I've never broken one. The most likely culprit would be someone who thinks you mush apply massive torque to secure the pull stud. There is a torque spec but I don't know ...

Today, 05:47

THC 300 soundlogic

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Forum: CNC-Zone

I purchased a unit some years ago that came with a THC 300 Torch control ...Had some problems with the brain recently and had to replace the computer and reload the software ...

Today, 05:13

Whats going on with the TORMACH warehouse?

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Placed an order on Sunday night and had tracking numbers 36hrs later. Looks like they are getting some traction in the warehouse! Good, I was hoping to order 20 er holders ...

Hitachi Newbie
Today, 04:42

Hitachi Seiki seicosIII (yasnac i80), may have just royally screwed myself...

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Forum: Hitachi Seikis

OK, having an Multi-L HT25G & a HT20 10TF I want to run forever, what is the "Yu Yu" software and what can I do with it that will help me keep these things running. TIA!!.

Today, 04:31

Milling machine conversion

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Forum: Benchtop Machines

Go to skyfire cnc usa, ask Jan Bos, they have small cnc milling machine, cheap and better than drill press ...

Today, 04:03

Hurco Hawk 5M

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Forum: HURCO

JustTodd, Thanks for the info. Finally brought in service. They found loose plugs in power supply to CPU cabinet. Thanks for the help!

Today, 03:46

1100 tramming and squaring

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Hello gentlemen, I've been spending the last few weeks dialing in my 1100 and I've come to a crossroads. I spent a good amount of time squaring my spindle head to the column ...

Today, 03:11

Help I need wiring diagram for a huajiang yL600-2s-1.5-0.8kG 110v vfd

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Forum: Spindles / VFD

I bought 6040T CNC 800 watts air cooled spindle it is it came with the the same variable frequency drive and I get same Error04... how did you fix this Error04. I can't do ...

Jim Dawson
Today, 03:05

Engraving tool holder Nuts

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

I can't imagine affixing a label to the nut would affect runout, nor should light engraving. I would just use a Sharpie pen to mark them, that way it's easy to change the ...

Today, 02:53

nm145 - mach3, or 4, or linuxcnc or PP?

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Forum: Novakon Systems

Have you considered UCCNC software with their UC300eth controller ??? Rigid tapping(mill) encoder threading (turn) (;-) TP

Today, 02:52

Way Oil that doesn't cause clogs, recommendations?

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Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Mike, what are you using for way oil now?

Today, 02:42

Configuring Micro Steps for Leadshine DM1182 Driver

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Forum: Leadshine

Our application is very slow, we calculated our input to the DM1182 driver is 306 pulses for every revolution of the step motor. When we configure the software for 306 ...

Today, 01:21

Plasmacam: Torch moves forward for 2 seconds and stop firing.

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Forum: PlasmaCam

The cutting signal being lost could be due to a few different reasons. 99% of the time this problem has some pretty easy solutions and can be fixed in a under 2 minutes.The ...

Today, 01:10

Question: 15W Blue Laser Module PWM settings

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Forum: Laser Hardware

To follow up, I setup a volt meter and an amp meter on the laser and it reaches 8W, 4.0 volts @ 2.0 amps with the PWM set to 65%, where 50% was around 4.0 watts. I could ...

The Engine Guy
Today, 00:41

Bobcad issue

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Forum: BobCad-Cam

Not sure if this is right, is the area shown on the image what you are looking to mill out ? ? 355990 If so then it was some of the geometry appeared to have double ...

Today, 00:21


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Forum: Dynomotion/Kflop/Kanalog

So no slave, each axis operate independently, just 5v daisy chained from J7 to enable all 4 of the motor's onboard electronics. The clearpath servos all have a on board ...

Today, 00:12

Slant bed lathe, tool changer, pneumatic 5c drawbar, DYNOMOTION control, PICS!

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Forum: Vertical Mill, Lathe Project Log

Thanks zmajmr! Andrew

Today, 00:10

rdworks v8 layer colours

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Forum: Laser Control Software

Sorry to bother you out there - it appears as if there was aproblem with my V8 download - have redownloaded and all is good

Yesterday, 23:36

Gantry mill for precise milling of aluminium

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Forum: Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines

Good question. Sadly I dont have answers. This milling head was removed from very big older milling machine. It was meant to be used as some kind of backup head, for some ...

Yesterday, 23:12

Siemens 840C on a '96 Hyundai HiT 30S.........Where do you even begin!?

(22 Replies)
Forum: Siemens Sinumerik CNC controls

thanks it would be appreciated Garry

Jim Dawson
Yesterday, 22:42

Milling a narrow edge

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Forum: General Metalwork Discussion

You are going to want to use the side of an endmill so that the transition from 10mm to 4mm has a radius rather than a sharp edge. Now the problem is how to support and ...

Yesterday, 22:38

long chang machinery mill

(28 Replies)
Forum: Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines

I am in Wellington, NZ. Do you have LC-15A specifications? Like motor HP, table travel, etc (stuff I can put in an advert?) Glad others have found it useful! To be ...

Yesterday, 22:34

Build log-drhanger's DM4400 electronics retrofit

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Forum: Dyna Mechtronics

No news is good news? :-)

James Newton
Yesterday, 22:33

What electronic components and stepper motors should I buy

(5 Replies)
Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

This web page may help answer some questions: techref.massmind.org/techref/io/stepper/estimate.htm

Yesterday, 22:32

DM3000 Service Manual (Adjust supernuts)

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Forum: Dyna Mechtronics

Anyone have a copy of the DM3000 SERVICE manual? Trying to understand how to adjust the bronze antbacklash nuts. Thanks in advance! Marty

Yesterday, 22:25

Machining time estimation

(5 Replies)
Forum: Alphacam

Where can I find the add on that jegero mentioned in his post? I am trying to determine how much of the total cutting time is with the saw and how much is the jet. I am new ...

James Newton
Yesterday, 22:21

Stepper Controller Recomendations

(3 Replies)
Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

Cool - thanks for the reply - I will check out your site and probably order a couple :) I need 4 axis so I can order a 3 axis kit and add 1 single? Jamie Yep. Just edit ...

Yesterday, 22:06

Identifying collet

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Forum: CNC Tooling

Sorry guys, but I cant find my answer in the search so I am hoping someone knows. I have an older Vytek Rebel with a Perske VS 60.11 Spindle 5.5KW 240 Volt. I only have ...

Yesterday, 21:37

98 Hurco BMC 2416 ATC

(3 Replies)
Forum: HURCO

Found the problem the power for the magnetic location switch had a cut wire wasn't reading the tool pockets at being up and in position

Yesterday, 21:07

Huanyang Chinese VFD settings and manual here!

(320 Replies)
Forum: Spindles / VFD

Can these VFDs run at constant speed? VFD's usually come in three varieties, VF/Hz, Sensor-less Vector and Encoder feedback. The VF/Hz variety just output a certain ...

Yesterday, 20:59

Emco Turn 220 P

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Forum: Vertical Mill, Lathe Project Log


Yesterday, 20:26

lathe : adjusting axis & offsets origins, so to determine the cnc :)

(11 Replies)
Forum: Okuma

... Z origin ... C origin ... spindle orientation zero offset ... W origin i am not sure, but all this are also called grid_shift ?

Yesterday, 20:15

Rapid Turn: Setting work and tool offsets (again!)

(6 Replies)
Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

Hello everyone, I am new to the cnczone but am reaching out for some help with the work and tool offsets. I am having to reset tool offsets everytime I add more stock or ...

Yesterday, 20:11

SL20 Chip Auger Cycling with NO LOAD

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Forum: Haas Lathes

03/00 Production MOCON 10.2 A few days ago I noticed my chip auger was cycling forward and back like the overcurrent protection circuit was kicking in. I cleared the chip ...

Jim Dawson
Yesterday, 19:58

Panel Router. Best way to move the router up and down

(25 Replies)
Forum: Mechanical Calculations/Engineering Design

I would give it a try and see if that gives the result you want. What I did on one slide to control the speed was to add a 1/2 inch cylinder to the slide and plumb the two ...

Yesterday, 19:47

31/5000 Pc communication with dyna 4800

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Forum: Dyna Mechtronics

Sirs, I would like to know what communication program they use because I lost what I had on my pc and I need another one.

Yesterday, 19:44

TB6600 drive from EBAY

(252 Replies)
Forum: Stepper Motors / Drives

Stepper motors are very different from regular series motors. A regular motor is a rotating device. Give them power, and they rotate. Increase the load, and they slow down ...

Mike 1948
Yesterday, 19:23

How to connect two faces

(2 Replies)
Forum: Solidworks

Hello, I made a part file and created two solidbodies completely separate from one another (I know it's not a good way to make my part). But now it raised a good learning ...

Yesterday, 19:13

Gib Adjustment

(85 Replies)
Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

I actually didn't. I had a company near me do a rebuild on the ways and gibs of my machine. I can't give you the specifics of removing them, because I don't completely ...

Yesterday, 18:41


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Forum: News Announcements

http://minecraftgamese.com/profile/1023823/theatrepass http://minecraftsgamesplay.com/profile/1650706/theatrepass theatrepass - Best Naruto Games In One Place theatrepass - ...

Yesterday, 18:34

planos cdr - dxf- pdf- listos para cortar en láser...

(1 Replies)
Forum: Cut2D

Yo tengo planos para intercambiar. Yo necesito imágenes en 3d escala de grises, tienes?

Yesterday, 18:28

Preferred Controllers 1990 to 07

(14 Replies)
Forum: Haas Mills

ah no kidding, I thought it wasn't introduced until the superspeeds in like 03-04 or thereabouts. learn something new every day :)

Yesterday, 18:23

Yaskawa CACR-SR

(13 Replies)
Forum: Servo Motors / Drives

I have the Yaskawa CACR-SR 15 E servo drives on my CNC. One of them blew a few bits up and I have had it repaired. Problem is when I power up the CNC it comes up with an ...

Yesterday, 18:14

DWG/DXF Drawing output colors

(2 Replies)
Forum: Solidworks

I did this years ago when I needed to have all of my assembly part drawings converted to AutoCad. Use a mapping file -- see in help: Mapping Entities When Saving Drawings ...

Yesterday, 17:58


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Forum: News Announcements

User - Mojo Themes Barefoot Books :: Meet the Community Profil von Moris Hike - TestMy.net Forum nifatefurw - Club Cooee

Yesterday, 17:56

First G-code

(17 Replies)
Forum: G-Code Programing

Well. I top you all.....2 years ago I didn't know what G code was and I'm now 78......been a manual machinist all my life and got the CNC bug, so it was a slight deviation ...

Yesterday, 17:31

Renishaw Probe

(69 Replies)
Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

To use the MP3 Probe in Direct Wired Mode, Renishaw recommends the MI5, MI8 or MI8-4. I bought an MI8 on a make offer eBay Posting for $50. It has arrived and appears in ...

Yesterday, 17:25


(3 Replies)
Forum: Shopmaster/Shoptask

I have the last version of the VFD Patriot, but only can go as low as about 250 RPM or the motor gets real unstable in speed. Below around 200 or lower the VFD will stop ...

Yesterday, 17:03

6040 CNC VFD settings?

(25 Replies)
Forum: CNCWiki

Thank you for your response, I tried to set D108 on 4 but continues to run at 24000. I translated into Italian (with Google translator) the manual settings is the default ...

Yesterday, 17:02

Hurco Hawk 5M Spindle issue

(3 Replies)
Forum: HURCO

JustTodd, Thanks for the info. I finally called service. It seems when machine was moved the spindle wiring was detached and put back incorrectly. Costly mistake. Thanks ...

Yesterday, 16:28

A16B-1212-0210 diagram

(0 Replies)
Forum: Fanuc

Can you share me A16B-1212-0210 diagram electric. My cnc transfer cnc program via rs232 from M5/M74 but alm 086 shakehand err. I remove ic 75188 75189 but alm is the ...

Yesterday, 16:16


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Forum: News Announcements

talkiewire - Minecraft Games http://minecraftsgamesplay.com/profile/1650313/talkiewire talkiewire - Best Naruto Games In One Place talkiewire - Game-baby.net , Game baby- The ...

Yesterday, 15:42

Vertical lines

(1 Replies)
Forum: SprutCAM

Update on this problem, the anomolies are created in Rhino 4, it has to do with the loft. I will have to figure a way to do the lofts differently, parts are servicable but ...

Yesterday, 15:18

Late to the party G0704 CNC

(23 Replies)
Forum: Benchtop Machines

Since regular work took some time away as well as the over-sized enclosure I built... I haven't done the tear-down to move it yet. I'll most likely attempt milling a small ...

Yesterday, 15:18

Is this kit any good

(1 Replies)
Forum: General CNC Machine Related Electronics

we have that kit in the shop, it`s a very torquey motor, im gonna use that kit for the CNC 2015, to be able to run the machine faster and right now the max speed on the FRO ...

Yesterday, 14:36


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Forum: News Announcements


Yesterday, 14:31

Fanuc 160i Rapid Feedrates

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Forum: Fanuc

Hi I am using a five axis grinding machine with fanuc 160i. Looks like some parameters are messed up. The machine jerks hard during end of a cut. Tried changing some values ...

Yesterday, 13:55

K-Flop-Based CNC Mill Controller App, v2.0...

(13 Replies)
Forum: Dynomotion/Kflop/Kanalog

Ray, Did you ever finish the Kmotion front end. I have the latest release 4.34H or something, and while the software itself is stable the front end even with the latest ...

Yesterday, 13:44

CNC parts/kits for PM25MV?

(6 Replies)
Forum: Benchtop Machines

Higher speed would be nice as I do have interest in using very small cutters on some projects. For those much higher speed would be great. Others have mounted a high speed ...

Yesterday, 13:16

3D model

(0 Replies)
Forum: Articles

Here is a 3D model . please use 90° V-bit ,diameter 32 ...

Yesterday, 12:54

Back Boring Cycle

(0 Replies)
Forum: GibbsCAM

Has anybody had any luck getting a back boring cycle to work right? Offset in from the hole edge, drop into the hole, move out to hole edge, cut UP, offset out from hole ...

Yesterday, 12:48


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Forum: News Announcements

404 - Page not found hollzone - Minecraft Games hollzone - Minecraft Games Play Online hollzone - Best Naruto Games In One Place 508 Resource Limit Is ...

Yesterday, 12:46

Building cnc don't know which electronic components to get

(2 Replies)
Forum: General CNC Machine Related Electronics

wayne17, Skip the threaded bar and nut idea. Just buy yourself some Chinese ballscrews they come in all lengths, they are pretty cheap and they are much more accurate. If ...

Yesterday, 12:01

E-Cut 4-Axis Controller card - need help

(11 Replies)
Forum: Controller Cards

its that? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxXHJX6vwmETZUg5NkxrQzM4X2c/view?usp=sharing

Yesterday, 11:41


(0 Replies)
Forum: News Announcements

404 - Page not found moviefreek - Minecraft Games moviefreek - Best Naruto Games In One Place moviefreek - Minecraft Games Play Online moviefreek - Game-baby.net , Game baby- ...

Yesterday, 10:49

Spel software for seiko robots

(15 Replies)
Forum: RC Robotics and Autonomous Robots

I have a SRC310 with a H454BN robot arm. I really need some software to programme SPEL? this since i got it from a company that never used the software itself. I am trying ...

Yesterday, 10:33

Stepper driver connector

(5 Replies)
Forum: Tormach Personal CNC Mill

When the machine screwed up, immediately Mach 3 problems came to mind, I was very happy to find out that it wasnt software, Path pilot is still perfect here........

Yesterday, 10:18


(3 Replies)
Forum: Tormach PathPilot™

you guys and your uber-advanced G-Code knowledge :) When it happened to me, I just spent some therapy time manually editing all the unused entries in the table so that Z ...

Yesterday, 10:13

AC Servo motor and Leadshine servo drive

(1 Replies)
Forum: Leadshine

Hi world I have a question for you. This is about a Leadshine servo drive. I already have that servo drive, but does not have the easy servo motor. Fortunately I have a 3 ...

Yesterday, 09:14

BDS4 overcurrent

(1 Replies)
Forum: Cincinnati CNC

I have found a simplified scheme tor the unit - could it be that the current limit pot is acting up? 355938

Nolan Yang
Yesterday, 08:57

Samples, made by Thunderlaser.

(128 Replies)
Forum: General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion

Laser Cut Desktop trebuchet. 355936

Yesterday, 08:11

Hurco KMB1M for Sale

(0 Replies)
Forum: HURCO

Hurco KMB1M for sale. Servos355934 power up and actuate but after a short move sends a fault to the monitor. $2250.00 Can deliver for a fee in the Charlotte NC area

Yesterday, 07:10

5 axis CNC router RTCP

(16 Replies)
Forum: Dynomotion/Kflop/Kanalog

Greetings Vasil. I am also working on developing such type of machine. It is very close to Eko Nams. Try googling it. I have some questions. What type of CAM software with ...

Yesterday, 07:02

Another RF45 clone cnc inspired by the contributors on cnc zone

(3 Replies)
Forum: RF-45 Clone Mill

A few pictures of the progress so far.355926 355930

Yesterday, 06:56

Help! -STB4100 rnr-motion router cnc problem

(0 Replies)
Forum: Mach Lathe

Please help. After a while in MAch3 (after 55 minutes of working example) the axis shift occurs. Stop it and take it to the 0.0 home point, remove the usb cable and fix it, ...