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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Shopmaster/Shoptask > Lathe ER-40 collet chuck for Shoptask
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    Lathe ER-40 collet chuck for Shoptask

    I've been using an ER-32 collet chuck in the lathe spindle taper for a while and have been wanting to upgrade to a chuck mounted to the spindle nose for a while for the through-stock benefits. All the ones I've seen till now were 80mm or 100mm diameter and would need an adapter plate. I been window shopping for a long time on this one - my money has other priorities - until last week I came across an amazon listing with an ER-40, 132mm diameter with a 100mm recess and a 115mm diameter 3-hole mount - i.e. bolt-on Shoptask size!

    It arrived today and *looks* perfect. The sizes are as advertised. I'll report back on the fit and taper runout. I don't actually have any collets for it yet, I wanted to see if it really was the right size first.

    I thought I'd post this here as I've been looking for years for chucks to fit the spindle nose with no luck and I figure I'm not the only one. I have a 1998 1720XMTC

    Listing https://www.amazon.com/HHIP-3901-503...KR9SD&dchild=1

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    Re: Lathe ER-40 collet chuck for Shoptask

    Thanks for posting... I've been looking for something similar in the 5C size that doesn't require an adapter.

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    Re: Lathe ER-40 collet chuck for Shoptask

    I had a chance to fit it tonight. It is a better fit on the nose than the 3-jaw. Somewhat more tapping to get it on and off. The holes line up and look to be M10 thread.

    My cheap test indicator reads about 0.0005 runout - but it also says that about the spindle taper, and will move that much when I yank on the nose. Spindle is overdue for maintenance.

    I didn't think to check if the high spots aligned, so technically the chuck runout could be from 0 to 1 thou, but I'm thinking it's on the low end of that range. Good enough for me either way, and probably better than the collets based on my cheapo Er32s.

    The chuck and the nut are flawless in appearance and the nut is silky smooth on the threads.

    Good enough for me. Now I need some collets to put in it.

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