Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forums, and to laser cutters in general, so hopefully I've put this post in the right place, but please correct me if there's a better group for it. :-)

I've got a G.Weike LC6090, and I need to put a new laser power supply in it; we upgraded from an 80w tube to a 100w, and it is my understanding that we need the bigger PSU to drive it properly. I'd like to make sure that the leads coming out of the four-lead D-sub connector and two wires from the safety cutoffs are going to the right pins in the wiring block -- H, L, WP, G, IN, 5V -- before hooking everything up, and after a couple days of searching I have not been able to find a clear schematic of which should go where. Does someone here hopefully have a pointer towards this info, or might someone please be so kind as to snap a quick picture of the wiring connections on the laser PSU in their machine?

Thank you very much in advance!