Hi everyone,

Just some quick background, last week I received my "new" bridgeport interact 1 mk2 which I'm currently completely cleaning and plan to retrofit with new well everything basically.

So I'm currently trying to decide on the servo's and with that the control system I'll be using.

I've been looking into the ethercat system which seems very interesting to me however the price is a bit steep.
I've received pricing for as some leadshine 1000W (ELM1000FM80H-HH2) servo's and drivers as well as the rtx64 +mach4 licenses. I can pretty easily retrofit an old pc with the required network card for the rtx64 system which will allow me to control the ethercat system "real time" from the pc so I'd only need 3 servo's + drivers and the pc.
All of this combined would set me back close to €3700,-

As an alternative to the ethercat system I've also taken a look at the stepperonline 1000W T6 servo's and matching drivers.
In this case I'd go for a edingcnc 760 in combination with the breakout boards and IO8 extension.
Going for this system would set me back close to €2400,- which is considerably less.

I'm mainly looking for some advice on what you guys would go for and why. I feel like ethercat is a bit overkill but I really like the system/technology behind it