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    Question Leadwell MCV-1300P Lubrication?

    Hey guys, we have a Leadwell MCV-1300P Mill operating off a fanuc Series 0-M. On the rear of the machine it has two different way lubes? One tank specifies a Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 and the other is a Mobile Vactra Oil No. 1... Could someone please explain why this is and if we could possibly switch to using one or the other for both tanks? Ive searched all over and cant find a definitive answer on why this machine requires two separate way lubes and none of our others do. Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: Leadwell MCV-1300P Lubrication?

    Hi Gage,

    Any chance of sharing your machine parameters?
    We have the same machine but have no parameters and machine now inoperacional.

    Kind regards.

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