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    Red face LeBlonde Makino FNC 74: "Losing the part Zero problem."

    Hello everyone,

    I have a Leblonde Makino FNC 74 VMC machine and been using it for a few months now. So far so good and very reliable, however recently my Machine did not detect the tools being register on the Main Controller Panel. So I got some help online and I got some instructions from Makino service about resetting the motherboard CMOS:

    1) Flip a dip #8 on the UM15 Board. (With the Machine Power Off)
    2) Then Power Up.
    3) Hold the 3 Reset buttons for 10 seconds.
    4) Then power down.
    5) Flip back the dip Switch.
    6) Should be clear.

    I did all of this and it worked wonders. The machine is working fine or so I thought however, when I start a new program or previous part program, not changing any procedures of setting up a part and getting the Part Zero ready and set to go, instead of going to the position it should be going the machine spin out into some weird location unknown to the program and to me. Please help! Many thanks!

    (919) 714-2103

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    I have a Leblonde Makino FNC 74 vmc machine fanuc omb system and servo drive atc original parameters not available pl give me parameters and pmc paramerter

    Email -sureshborude10@gmail.com

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