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    Exclamation Licence problem under Linux (TNG)

    Hallo all,
    I have Mk3 with TNG running fine on Win10 based PC. I also run LinuxCNC on the same PC (dual boot) and since every Win10 update brings some "unexpected issues", I would like to switch to Linux permanently and run TNG under Linux as well.
    After installing TNG to Linux Debian 9 (Preempt kernel), importing profile from Win10 all starts fine and Mk3 is detected. Anyhow, immediately after I click on "home" the dialogs pop-up saying I have some license issue. After reboot to Win10 it works without issues, so it cannot be cable or HW issue...

    Any idead what might cause that problem?
    thx, vlado

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    Re: Licence problem under Linux (TNG)


    Just a comment for whatever it´s worth.

    While I don´t favor Windows it has certain functional advantages over other systems.

    In your case, it is possible to disable Automatic Update. It´s been some time since I did it on my machines but you can find a lot of videos on the subject in Youtube.

    I hope this helps.


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