First of all, I am a total noobie when it comes to Limit and Home Switches, I never used them, but I would like to use them.

I am building a 5 Axis Foam CNC using Openbuilds parts, and I have been confused for a while on selecting Limit and Home Switches.
The purpose of using both limit and home switches is for accuracy and knowing happily that your machine will be zeroed for the next day.
Also, I will be using multi-conductor shielded wiring for the switches.

I will be 3D printing mounts for Limit and Home Switches. Furthermore, I was thinking of upgrading my Warp ESS controller and 23 NEMA motors. Could you also advise high-quality motors and a controller suitable for the 5 axis and MPG? I am running Gecko drivers.

Browsing I found those...
Mechanical Switches for Limits
Honeywell GLLA06B 20$
Honeywell 914CE1-3 65$
Inductive Proximity Switches for Home
Contrinex 600Hz 12mm sensing range DW-AD-501-M18 57$

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