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    Linear Actuator Motor for CNC?

    i have some 24v 50w 6000n motors from a recliner (chair). can these motors be used for a cnc build? if so, what software or controller board, etc. would i need?
    i have a cheap cnc with tiny nema 17 motors running grbl 1.1, arduino but these recliner motors seem bigger and stronger

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    Re: Linear Actuator Motor for CNC?

    It does not seem to be a suitable device for a CNC machine.

    1. It's a DC brushed motor - how are you going to control its position? You would need an encoder and a DC servo drive, which is not going to be simple or cheap.

    2. The actuator is unlikely to be very precise or backlash-free.

    3. The motor and the gears will probably not be happy about working continuously.

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    Re: Linear Actuator Motor for CNC?

    thank you. just wanted to make sure before spending any time with it

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