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    Linking Button to Custom Script


    I would like to link a Custom Script to a Button that's configured in one of the Btn*.txt files.
    I know I can use
    cmd: "Machine.User_Commands.UserCommand_*" "My Command"
    However this seems to be a rather unstable implementation as the number of the Script seems to change when adding new User scripts that are alphabetically Proceedings the current script.
    Is there a way to link a button to a script based on the filename of the script?

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    Re: Linking Button to Custom Script

    Assign number to your script.
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    Re: Linking Button to Custom Script

    Yea well, thats a workaround.
    So I get that there is not other way?

    Would be a nice addition to just offer the possibility to give a path & filename ;-)

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    Re: Linking Button to Custom Script

    I start my scripts like this:

    expr: "startcode('M912')" "" image="Icons/IMG_DustExtractor.svg" tooltip="Dust Extractor" imagechange="true" updatefast="true"

    You can also highlight and enable/disable buttons with expressions by adding something like this to that line:

    enable="AND(_hw_idle == 1,_hw_estop == 0)" updown="_dustextractor == 1"

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    Re: Linking Button to Custom Script

    Nice, didn't know that I can just implement my own M code.
    That definitely does the trick.
    Thanks for the hint.

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