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    Cool LinuxCNC + Orange Pi

    Hi, guys. Let me introduce a tiny project of mine..

    My first single board PC was the Orange Pi One. And it's really fun to use such boards for a hobby projects But we also can use them as a small CNC controllers too. It's really sad there are no armhf packages in the LinuCNC dists repo. So my first try was the Machinekit with RT-PREEMPT kernel built using Armbian. And it works. But without a GPIO driver it was just a simulator. After a few weeks of learning I made a GPIO driver by myself. And it works just fine :cheer:

    My next step of researching was a "big latency" issue (50-70 us). Many ARM boards has a worst latency values using the RT-PREEMPT kernel. A steps rate with such latency values was terrible. A few months later I found an info about additional built-in RISC CPU core. Using this core for the fast pins toggling was a good idea B)

    At this moment I have a working pair of HAL driver and the RISC core firmware. Steps rate now very high (up to 1 MHz). Also I made a quick installer script. You need one of the Armbian images to install it. Supported boards are Nano/Banana/Orange Pi with Allwinner H2+/H3 SoCs installed. If somebody interested you can find an additional info here - https://cnc32.ru/orangecnc/ (I need more time for the English translation). Project sources can be found here - https://github.cnc32.ru/orangecnc.
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    Re: LinuxCNC + Orange Pi

    Interesting project, but the links don`t work. What language are you translating from?

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    Re: LinuxCNC + Orange Pi

    Perhaps such translating should be done by professionals

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    Re: LinuxCNC + Orange Pi

    If you need a professional translator for this, I can recommend the service https://thewordpoint.com/services/ce...river-licenses I applied to them last year, when I needed to translate my driving license, and they did this work rather quickly. It's a certificated company with a good experience in all kinds of translations.

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