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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Loading Program trough RS232
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    Loading Program trough RS232

    Hi All

    Acramatic 2100 I ran into an issue while loading programs.

    When I start the machine I have no problems sending program to machine via RS232. After about 20 minutes. I get an error (Not able to read file) Not sure what is going on
    Also I loose my touch screen about the same time. I had the KTI 2 Board replaced.
    Is there a connection between the two since the both connect to the workstation . Tried a different workstation same result.
    Could it possibly be a cable

    Thanks Joe

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    Re: Loading Program trough RS232

    The problem might come from the CNC or PC or Cable connection.
    Since the touch screen also failed, then most possibly the problem from the the CNC side.

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