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    Looking for a CNC and Software

    Hello I’m totally new at all this so take it easy on me. I’m looking at starting a small hobby Bussness. Making crafts and signs mostly. I was originally looking at the Carvewright CNC mostly for its ease of use. You just design what u want transfer to memory card and its does the rest like telling you when to change bits and such. Well I’m from Canada and found out they dont ship or warranty here. So that’s a no go. Next on my list was the MillRight Mega V XL. Now That doesn’t come with it own software like the carveright unit does so was looking at the Vcarve Desktop or Pro. Think i would need the pro to use the full area of the XL. SO my question is. Whats A good entry level machine maybe with its own software and thats easy to use. My budget is around 3k USD.

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    Re: Looking for a CNC and Software

    You may find that "just" designing stuff is a little more challenging that it has been made to seem.Could I suggest you seek out some demo software to experiment with ?Once you have the means to generate the Gcode that all machines depend on,it will be an easier decision because you will have a greater understanding.

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