I recently acquired a older model (late 1990's - early 2000's) C&G Navigator with a powermax 45 cutter that has no controller on it. Instead it uses a L-150S optical scanner and a tracing table to simultaneously cut and trace. We were able to get the trace function to work and cut out some drawn shapes. I have been looking into options for upgrading the machine to try and do some more complex and slightly more accurate cuts but am not sure which route I should be going or if this is even possible (I assume it is because the control panel has a CNC option which doesn't do anything). I used WayBack Machine and went to the website in the 2001 and found the sales brochure that says that the Burny controller was an optional feature that wasn't included originally with the machine. Does that mean that if I were to acquire one it should be a relatively simple install since they already came with the machine? Or would I be better off using a different style controller? I have experience with modifying 3D printers so I am not to worried about modifying, but I am just unable to find any documentation on this.