Howdy folks,
Short version: I believe my laser tube is dead, but maybe I'm missing something. It's 6 years old, the connections seem fine, The mA meter registers when I hit the pulse button, but the tube does nothing.

Less short version: I bought this red/black "60 watt" 5070 laser in 2015; my first and only Chinese machine, and the only one I have with a glass tube. Most all my experience is with Universal and Epilog lasers. Oddly enough, I've really had no problems with it at all over the past six years. Last night the water hose supplying the laser tube sprung a leak which took out my Y-axis stepper driver due to the water leaking into the cabinet. The laser was still firing at that time. I ordered a new driver and today I found and replaced the tube where it was leaking. But after I got it buttoned up the laser will not fire. I wired in a mA meter a few years ago and it still registers normally when I hit the pulse button, and the "Laser" light comes on on the power supply as well, but I can't see the tube lighting up at all and get zero activity at the lens carriage end.

I'm not sure what I could have done to cause this. Maybe air getting into the system caused it to overheat? My flow sensor is fine so I know water was flowing, but when I looked in there this morning there was a decent amount of air in the tube.