Bought a used non-functioning CNC a couple of years ago. Would really like to get it up and running, but I am not sure where to start. It was made by a company/person that is no longer around, so it doesn't have a name brand on it. It has stepper motors, aluminum extrusion with steel stiffening plates, a Dewalt router, serial cables that go to a Gecko 540 "driver" with a UC100 interface to the computer. The computer came with Mach 3, Aspire, and all the files that the previous user would cut on it, mostly monograms. I am in the process of replacing some of the wiring in the control cabinet as some of the wires don't have enough slack on them for my liking. Uses a Meanwell power supply and many of the electrical connections are on DIN rails. Can post pics later when I get home, but thought I would at least get this started to see if there was anyone in my area.
Thank you.