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    Lightbulb Looking For People USing Elumatec CNC Machines and Elucad Cam Software

    Good Day To you,

    I have been working with Elumatec Equipment and Using Elucad Cam Software To program for just over 2 years in programming and about 4 years in CNC operation and maintenance. I was looking through the forums here and did not find a thread about this equipment and wanted to get one started to see if there are others using this particular equipment and software to see if we may be able to share back and forth with issues tips trick and more.

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    Hi there, I'm working with Sbz151 5axis cnc, I am able do some basic services on it. For programming I currently use Elucad 4.1, and can say I know it quite well. So if Ican help with something, we can discuss here.
    Btw nice to meet other Elu... users

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    Re: Looking For People USing Elumatec CNC Machines and Elucad Cam Software

    Hey I just started using the sbz 130 and doing programing snd operating for a couple weeks now on this machine I'm new to all this I do have 10+ years in cnc work but this machine is pretty fascinating to me and I have lots of questions if anyone could help thanks

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