Hullo everyone.

I picked up a VFD recently. Brand name TECHTOP.

Attachment 447336

Apparently they are an Australian company.

On closer examination I think it is a Cumar unit that has undergone a rebrand.

Anyway I have managed to get it to work.

Well at least the spindle spins up and runs and doesn't appear to be overheating.

But to do this I had to dig my way though the manual which is just a big mess and basically incomprehensible and set the values numerically through the hunt and peck interface.

But I see at the front of the manual a picture of the remote CanOpen/LCD + Keypad interface which looks heaps nicer. Does anybody know where I might locate the LCD keypad for this thing ?

I tried sending an email to TECHTOP today. Because I would like to give them more money. But they were no help and somewhat hilariously told me to go check the local stationary shop.

So I not expecting much support from that direction in the future :/

Lastly if I can't find the LCD + Keypad unit is it possible to plug this thing in to some sort of USB adapter and bring up some sort of CanOpen(er) a terminal under Linux that way ?