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    Looking for VQC O09996

    I recently acquired a 06' VF3-SSYT that has a Renishaw probe. However the VQC macro is missing for the probing. I'm fairly new to probing on this machine, but from what I've been reading the probing routines are read from the O09996 program. Some genius decided to clear out all the O9xxx programs before I got the machine.

    I've found a copy of the normal VQC macro O09997, but I can't find the probing macro anywhere. Anyone have a copy they would be willing to share?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Looking for VQC O09996

    If you still need these send me a private message.

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    Re: Looking for VQC O09996

    Quote Originally Posted by nicknackks View Post
    If you still need these send me a private message.
    Hi, I am also in great need of this O09996 file!
    Please could you help?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Looking for VQC O09996

    We recently purchased a used 2003 VF3 that had both spindle and table probes, but the 9000 programs have been cleared. Does anyone have the VQC files for this vintage of machine? Thanks in advance!


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