A year and half ago, I built a set of unique camping drawers for my pickup truck, and posted a walkaround video to YouTube. Surprisingly, the video really blew up, gaining over 300k views. I have since turned it into a side business: http://kampdrawers.com, and have gained many interested parties ready to put money down to purchase their own set. I took a crack at manufacturing a "small" initial batch, and a handful of units are now out there in the wild!

Fast forward to today, I'm burned out massively on the prospect of continuing mass manufacturing. I enjoy the design/engineering and problem solving aspect of it all, but the monotony of building is not for me. So I'm looking to partner with somebody who can take the reigns on the manufacturing aspect of the business, or to possibly purchase the company outright, and I will focus on making DIY plans for digital sale.

I have a large customer basis, all very anxious for their set of KAMP Drawers, and it is growing by the day. I have more ideas, and know the framework to mass manufacture these drawers profitably, but it will require a production CNC. I have the CAD models built, and have used an old Thermwood CNC at my local makerspace to build some components for the first batch, so it should be somewhat turnkey for somebody set up with a 4x8 CNC Router.

For more info on my thoughts, and my journey up to this point, I made this video: