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    losing steps between layers on 1 axis

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, this just started over the weekend?

    Running a China Zone 60x90

    All 3 axis are calibrated and move accurately when doing the calibration distances

    Everything on the first pass is correct to scale

    When going for second pass Y axis is always less than where it is supposed to be. It not a constant number off, just always less.

    That pass is then done perfectly other than it keeps shifting on the Y axis.

    I was thinking maybe my G code got messed up somehow, but I hit stop after it began the 3rd pass and then jogged back to my Y limit and found the CNC thought it was 15mm away from the y axis being at 0, so I think I am at a hardware issue.

    Not sure if something in the motor is not counting the steps correctly in rapid movement, or if something else.

    I am going to make a simple 3/4" box tonight and see what happens

    I think I am going to try and swap X and Y stepper motors see if it follows the motors.

    After that I guess I would be at swapping out X and Y controllers to see it if follows them

    Thanks in advance, any ideas are welcome...I like to have some type of game plan ready when I get home to figure this out

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    Re: losing steps between layers on 1 axis

    15mm is a lot of steps out.

    Yes, swapping components is easiest to test.

    Swap wires first, drivers second, motors themselves last and test (when the motors are off) for how much force is needed on the coupling to see if one axis is binding somewhere.

    Actually, check for loose wires first.

    But, if the size of layer 2 and 3 are ok, then it might be interference from the z that is causing the issue.....that's less likely than just loosing or gaining steps along the cut line though.

    Good luck

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    Re: losing steps between layers on 1 axis

    So I made a 10x10 box 3/4" deep and it cut out as expected

    I took my previous file which was 6 different cuts and ran each portion separately and it cut perfectly

    Since I ran each separately, I am thinking more of the steps being lost in the rapid movement between the cuts when they are in one file

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