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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152
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    Exclamation lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152

    Hi guys i am a newbie in cnc machines,

    My cnc is fanuc 0i-mb which use the amp to control its tool magazine, and it connect the amp through io link - pmm software

    I have a beta amp a06b-6093-h152 showing alarm L, sometimes alarm d

    From what I read on the alarm, there may be a dog timer issue.

    I tried to replace it with a spared part from a guy.

    After amplifier replacement, the tool changer's motor vibrates at rest and not rotate on m6 command. I don't know which command will rotate the magazine alone.

    May I ask if there is a way to get all the parameter from the old amp into pc or directly to the cnc, or can you share me your amp a06b-6093-h152's parameter.
    On the other hand may I ask where should I start at to get my motor working with my new amp

    Sorry if my english is bad

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    Re: lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152

    Here is some image of the errors
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 692101086f82a6dcff933.jpg   bd8d66030b89c2d79b982.jpg   e319454428cee190b8df1.jpg  

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    Re: lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152

    Possibly take a look at the programs in memory. The parameters for the Beta I/O link drive are output in NC program format. Maybe the OEM left them for you.
    Possibly a print out in the OEM documents?

    There are only about 180 parameters and most are going to remain zero. So figuring them out can be time consuming but not impossible.
    The hardest area will be setting up distance per rev, feedrates, and some I/O functionality for hand shaking. Most of the others will be auto set from motor ID.
    sample of output from a Beta I/O link drive;

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    Re: lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152

    Thank alot for your help oetkbyentc,
    Since this is a used machine, I don't have the OEM doc. I reckon if the guy who sell me this machine has.

    Sometimes on start up the old amp does give me 3 mins to back the parameter up, but I got a link error every time I tried to read it to the cnc. Possibly I will need the old amp to get fixed.

    About the parameter, I tried to find the parameter manual but haven't found it yet, but still there is the maintenance manual do talk about some parameters.

    Just like you said, I/O functionality is a grey area to me, I have a tool magazine in which the spindle will go to the tool position through M30 function. So I think I just need the motor to rotate, then send signal and that's all. I don't really know if the pmm software store the tool's position number or the CPU does it !.

    May I ask some more about the motor ID, do I need to manually in put the id to those parameters or the amp will do it itself

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    Re: lost parameter Fanuc beta amplifier a06b-6093-h152

    The Beta I/O link drive is a self contained PMC axis control.
    You can send it a goal position/index amount, feed rate, then issue it a Cycle start and it moves and issues a finish signal back to the Fanuc PMC. There are also parameters to set it up as an indexer so you set parameters with the number of magazine positions etc and it does the math.
    It handles items such as zero return, overtravels, axis clamp/unclamp, and e-stop internally.

    There are all of the normal parameters I the unit for servo just like the control.
    I recommend tracking down manual GFZ-65245EN/??. This is the maint. manual for Beta series I/O link unit.
    This is based on your past posts.
    If you have the Beta i or iB unit you will need the specific manual for those units.
    This manual has the parameters and diagnostic information that should help you out. You may also need a standard Beta parameter manual to help in figuring our CMR/DMR, motor model codes etc.

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