Hi All
I have a 90s fanuc om controlled mill tmv400 having recently upgraded from a desk top mill. I am no expert.
I am having trouble getting m6 to work.

If I mdi m6 t1 I get a carousel error

I have attached the error screen and the data about them from my manual.

My tool change is a robodrill type 10 Station

OK I can get round this by going
G28 z0
G30 z0 lifts spindle to second ref
Then press my carousel button to the right station or
M6 t1


G28 zo

So if in the G30 z0 position m6 works in terms of indexing to the correct position but it won't unload or load a tool.

I have also attached 9001 program that I think is something to do with tool change.

Any ideas or things to try appreciated. I'm pretty green.


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