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    Mach 3 and tool offsets

    How do you (personally) use tool offsets in Mach 3?

    I've been just touching off each tool, and wanted to try using offsets.

    I measured all my tools+holders from tip to the spindle face (Tormach tts holders), and then zero'ed my spindle face on a 123 block. I subtracted the 3in from the block to get zero.

    This works, but it seems overly complicated.

    Is there a better way?

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    Re: Mach 3 and tool offsets

    Well I think I figured out my issue,

    I was trying to turn off tool offsets on the Mach 3 offsets page, but my code was running a g43 that apparently turns it back on. I also found I had zeroed my spindle a time or two with an active tool offset.

    Seems if I change a drillbit in a chuck that has the same tool number/offset, I just touch it off and update the tool offset and all is good.

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