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    Mach 3 scaling issue

    Hey all, I bought a cnc recently and "upgraded" it to Mach 3. It was used and iv rewired the entire thing added a Mach control board ect. I'm running Nema 23s on all axis, ball screw is 1 inch I Believe. Current tune for each motor is set to 600 steps, 239 velocity. This is just a randomized figured Iv put in to test the machine. Mach is set in inches, I have about 7inches of plunge on my z, however instead of reading - 7. 000 it reads like -189.00. Which is more closer to mm scale. How can I get this to accurately display an inch scale? Is this a motor tuning issue? Eg 600 steps is equivalent to 239mm? Would I just have to do the math conversion and set it accordingly? Or is there another set up page in Mach that I missed?

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    Re: Mach 3 scaling issue

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    Re: Mach 3 scaling issue

    First, go to Config > Native Units. Set to inches, and restart Mach3.
    Then set the steps/unit accordingly, entering the number of steps required for 1" of movement.

    Note that if you use G21 to switch to metric mode, the DRO's will display mm's instead of inches.

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    Re: Mach 3 scaling issue

    Thank you will try this tn.

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