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    Mach3 keyboard keys are different

    Hi everyone, I had to get another computer for my wood router. Installed mach3 like before but now my x-axis keys(right and left keys) controls the z-axis, my page up and down for the z controls my A that supposed to be a slave to the y, the y axis work right but when I slave the A to the y it connects the x-axis. this is crazy. I have been using this since 2007. I have watched endless setup videos and it looks like everything is right. I'm at a loss, I don't remember assigning any keys on the keyboard before to control the movement
    Window 7 32 bit
    Printer port

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Mach3 keyboard keys are different

    Did you copy the config file from your old computer, or did you set Mach3 up from scratch? Mach3 jog keys should work out of the box, no key assignments required.

    What happens if you jog by clicking the on-screen arrows? Are the axes still mixed up? Then you probably need to swap them in the "Ports and pins" menu.

    Also check if you accidentally swapped the motor cables (or the motor driver cables).

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    Re: Mach3 keyboard keys are different

    Thanks CitizenOfDreams, I never copied the config file, I had print outs to help me set things up and can't find those. if the Mac cl mode is not checked nothing moves, that might be the reason for strange activity. The cables are fastened in place so they can't be moved, I have worked on the Ports and pins and nothing changed. I have not tried the jog on screen arrows, I will try those this morning

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    Re: Mach3 keyboard keys are different

    I did a quick reply but now I don't see it, I'm not going to retype it just in case it is posted, I just went out this morning and noticed that when I hit my keys the motors click like they want to turn and when I put my hands on the screws I feel them wanting to turn in the correct way. they click each time I hit the keys and after 3 or 4 times they stop, the on-screen jog does the same thing. Motor tunning is done, I feel it's just something real simple

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