This video outlines the process simply.

Here's the comparisons between motion control software currently available, and the options, and features of the PLCM-E1B with Pumotix

I invite you to review the video's below, and you can see it offers options, and pricing not currently available anywhere.

Pumotix Motion Control Pricing Structure (Part 1)

Pumotix Motion Control Software The Introduction (Part 2)

Pumotix The Future Of Motion Control Overview (Part 3)

Pumotix Post Processors And Software Package Options With Custom Post Processor Form Overview..

Pumotix Already Had An Update!

Pumotix Plasma Screenset & Features Overview

Pumotix Option Module To "Start From An Arbitrary Line Of G-Code" In Action..

How To Set Offsets & Macros In Pumotix

Pumotix PLCM Turnkey Package Overview & Assembly..

The Overview Of The PLCM-E1B Users Manual..

PLCM E1B Connection Established Out Of The Box In 4 Minutes