I'm trying to convince my new employee for solidcam and i wanted to adapt some basic post for sinumerik to use it asap to get as much as possible from test period. I was succeded to modify toolchanges and cycles, as well as cycles and of course file starts and endings to my needs, but weird thing happened when i was trying to change the base shifting to try to make it indexable.

It occured that machine doesn't let me use second position in MAC when change CS to any inparallel to first MAC. I checked VMID file and i can't see any option that could prevent from changing MAC position in coordinate systems manager. Anyone knows anything?

I started to dig deeper and it occured that there is no any effect in G-code to changes in reference points. I've checked the GPP file ant there is a section for ref-point shifting and seems to me that it should work.
So i assume that all is blocked by machine definition. Where should I look for option that can affect such basic functions in interface.