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    Machine lighting - IKEA LED Lamp


    I had an IKEA LED lamp lying around and I decided to make a lamp for my Optimum MH25 mill.

    While others have also used this lamp for their machines, I decided to take a slightly different route. Might have been done before and in this case I am sorry for not presenting something new.

    Anyhow, here it goes:

    I decided the original lamp snake-type arm was not rigid enough and the lamp could not hold the position right. So I used just the head and re-purposed the mill's original plastic bracket used to hold the protection screen.

    The lamp head is shaped like a pear and fits nicely in the bracket opening allowing it to swivel so the light can be directed towards the cutting tool.

    The lamp arm is screwed and glued into the head. Can be removed only after heating the head with a torch. After that the head neck was removed on the mill to allow for a wider swivel angle.

    A spring will be installed between the lamp head and a custom made end-cap. The lamp head is held in place under spring tension.

    This is how far I got with this little project. Mock-up assembly shows good results and I must proceed to the final assembly in the next days.

    I just need to get a spring and a small ON/OFF switch.

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    Re: Machine lighting - IKEA LED Lamp

    Hey, I want to know how it looks now?

    Can you give me a picture of it?

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    Re: Machine lighting - IKEA LED Lamp

    I would like to buy Ikeas led lamp as well if it looks nice. Is it a desk lamp or it is for a different purpose? I saw Ikea released an app that allows you to place their products virtually in your room and that is awesome. I like how Ikea, Amazon and other online stores are moving forward with technologies. The one thing I do not accept from them is their delivery quality. Because of that, I go to different postal offices which I search here https://open4u.co.uk/11232-ikea-99-k...e-glasgow.html and ask them to deliver instead of Ikea as I had a lot of troubles with their delivery services.

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