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    machining acrylic

    Hello just want to ask question regarding edge finishing i already tried many bit most of it same or just a make a little difference from 1 flute hss to 3 flute onsrud carbide all

    here the picture of machine i think it rigid enough to cut acrylic

    using servo motor with 4.5 kw bt30 atc spindle i already test the runout of my spindle its around 0.004mm and im using sk tool holder with 0.002mm runout

    those mark i cant even feel it when i touch only can see it by diff angle mostly i cut w ith 18000 rpm 60ipm

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    Re: machining acrylic

    It's most likely due to flex in your machine.

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    Re: machining acrylic

    Quote Originally Posted by ger21 View Post
    It's most likely due to flex in your machine.
    im taking finishing pass with 0.25mm left even with 3mm thickness got this mark is it because of flex?

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