My name is Geramy Loveless, and we have a machining shop and custom engineering services with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers we also have PLC Programmers who make and design custom industrial automation solutions. Our company name is Ansuz Industrial Engineering, Inc. We are based in USA and Mexico. We have a milling machine for aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals and/or plastics.
Our maximum part size varies by size, but the bed size is 23" x 15" or 60cm x 40cm; height varies by the size of the part and methods we can use to mill on taller parts.

Ansuz can also offer anodizing solutions or any surface finish you are looking for.

You can contact me through my email:

email: geramy.loveless@ansuzindustrial.com
phone: +1-559-999-1557
website: https://www.ansuzindustrial.com