I am an undergraduate corrosion engineering major, I am performing a design project which requires me to 3D print metal, I am given bulk 3D printed 316L stainless steel and am required to machine out 3 different parts from each, the first part, an ASTM G-38 C-ring, with a thickness of 1.54mm, a total length of 19mm and an outer diameter of 19mm, it also requires the use of a #10-32 machine screw (around 0.20in bore hole) and i require 65 of them for testing different parameters of 3d printing
the second part is a basic rectangle for use in SEM it's dimensions are 3inches by 2 inches with a very small thickness i require 60 of them
Finally, i require a dog bone shaped Slow strain rate tensile testing, dimensions are in the photo, i require as well 65 of them as well.
for each part, knowing that the material is 316L stainless steel, what would the speed be per part assuming a 5-axis CNC Milling machine?
any help at all would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has any other questions let me know, I do not know however, the machine that will be used (this is a capstone design project without actual lab, more of a hypothetical design)
Thank you very much