Attn: Machinists!!

Let me ask have you ever worked for a company that has never not ever had a layoff? Come find out why Muncie Power is so special....have you ever worked as a machinist where you operated machines in a cell? Come find out what why Muncie is so special....Oh, by the way did I mention the new climate controlled facility we're moving into in the near future?

We're looking for experienced machinists who worked with the following machines: OKK (mill) Hyundai (mill) Haas, Samsung, Seiki with 2+ years experience. We'll also consider entry level machinists who've graduated from an accredited program from a vo-tech or community college.

Take a look at Muncie Power, or better yet, email Mike Williams,, so I can tell you more about why Muncie is your future employer of choice.