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    Magnum400 Drivers - Need Help

    I'm working on an old machine that uses the Magnum 400 drive amplifiers and need a bit of help getting it to work.

    Everything works on the drives, I can jog the servos using the "digital speed" setting within "speeder one" as described in "motor test" in the manual page 43.

    Manual found here https://www.axorindustries.com/wp-co....05-15-ENG.pdf also attached to post

    Problem is, when i select the pulse and direction setting and save to eeprom I am unable to get any movement out of the motor or response from the drive.
    I am very sure that the pulse train is coming out of the motion controller, I can enable the drive using the software or input pin but still no movement.

    What am I missing here?

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    Re: Magnum400 Drivers - Need Help

    Found the answer, digital input (DGT-IN1) enables the drive, DGT-IN2 enables motion commands, enable one then the second and away it will go.

    Page 40 of rev.2/02/2005 in the manual

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