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    MAHO 600 CNC 234 conection with PC Need Help !

    Hi all,

    Please help us to connect properly a MAHO MH600 W with the PC

    Until now we has connected the machine by TNC Server program of TNC CRemo, but the problem is that we cannot send larger programs to the machine. We suppose the program should be transmited
    part by part "blockweis" so transmit 1 part - machine working, then transmit second part - machine working and so on.
    Please inform us also how to check the machines parameters. Our manual is in German language, please if somebody has manuals in English for this machine, let us know or send by mail. valentin.obreshkov@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance
    Best Regards,

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    Apr 2013
    Hello Valentin,

    Did you solve the problema? I have the same issue, please let me know,

    Thanks in advance

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