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    Maho 700c control upgrade

    Hello Guys,

    I have just upgraded a Maho 700C 432 from 2 axis simultanious to 4 axis. I went from software level 311 up to level 6601.600.

    If any one has this level software I would like to get a copy of your programming manual please. I would be ok paying to have your manual copied and pay for the shipping. If you do not have time to copy it if you would send it to me I would copy it and return your original back to you.

    Please respond ASAP please my customer would now like to be able to use their new features.

    You can send an email to sentnermts@netscape.com .

    Thank you


    I have a question for you what is the biggest tap you have ever power tapped with your Maho ?

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    Hi, i´m interested of what changes you have to do with this upgrade? I also have a Maho 700C with SW 311, is it more than CPU card, memory, graphic card and key panel i have to replace?

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    deckle doc
    largest we ever dare to do on our 700 was 3/4-10
    on the 2000 1-8
    but we thread mill everything larger then 5/8 on all our machines now.

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    Re: Maho 700c control upgrade

    Hallo Deckeldoctor

    This e-mail address ( sentnermts@netscape.com ) don't work
    have you a better e-mail address for me to contact you ?
    Greetings from MERCEDES

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