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    MAKINO FNC-208 with FANUC 6


    Accidentally, we deleted the tool change macro / program from the machine.
    Do any of the experts here may have a copy, or steer me in the right direction how to start.
    All i remember is that the program was numbered in the 9XXX's

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: MAKINO FNC-208 with FANUC 6

    Take a look in the Parameter Area that calls the 9000 programs and see which one is calling M6 -------------Parameter in the Area of 320 to 322 ? This gives you one of three options for program numbers ----- 9000 or 9001 09002 so write a small program with them numbers and see which one gets called up and then that is were you need to put your information in for M^ control

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