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    Manual control arrows - how to make inactive?

    Please help me.
    How do I make the manual control arrows on the KMotionCNC panel inactive (turn off)? See the photo - circled in red. So that I can then turn it on if necessary.
    I need it in order that the operator does not accidentally press button unnecessary.

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    Re: Manual control arrows - how to make inactive?

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    Re: Manual control arrows - how to make inactive?


    The Jog Buttons do automatically disable while a Job is running. It's not common to want do disable them when the machine is idle. We don't have a command to do that. We have commands to do the opposite. To re-enable them while a Job is running. Some MCodes might require the Operator to Jog for some purpose. These commands will allow this:

    #define PC_COMM_ENABLE_JOG_KEYS 37 // Allow User to Push Jog Buttons while JOB is running
    #define PC_COMM_DISABLE_JOG_KEYS 38 // Disable allowing User to Push Jog Buttons while Job is Running

    Otherwise the only solution I can think of would be to switch to a custom screen without the buttons present or functional. Or to change the KMotionCNC Source code.

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