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    Manufacturing a walking stick

    I need help finding someone who can make a straight walking stick. I don’t own the machine that allows for a piece of wood to spin while being held from the top and bottom and was curious to know if there’s anyone near me that owns it that may be able to help. I’m located in Riverside, CA and I’m willing to drive out if it’s not too far. Thank you!

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    Re: Manufacturing a walking stick

    I once turned a 12' mast for a sailboat on my wood lathe with a 3' bed. It's not hard to hold both ends using temporary framework.

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    Re: Manufacturing a walking stick

    If you don't find someone willing to share their lathe, you might look into a spoke-shave. This is a simple hand tool that lets you whittle down a square piece of wood to make a rounded one; it's not hard to use. https://www.woodsmith.com/review/spokeshave/
    Andrew Werby

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