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    Mastercam tutorial on programming a part, start to finish.

    I would like to see one of the gurus on here do a screen cap video, talking their way through programming a part from start to finish.

    I think this would be very beneficial and is hard to come across, we have a million videos about a single thing, can someone show it all?
    Everything from selecting the machine to the point where it is time to go to OP 20 OP 30 OP 40 etc..and how you transition between planes etc.

    There are people who program hundreds of toolpaths on a single part, it would be great to see their workflow.

    A youtube video showcasing this by an expert would be great! I am definitely not a Mastercam expert or I would do it myself.


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    Re: Mastercam tutorial on programming a part, start to finish.

    Why not take the training course on Mastercams University it is free right now till the end of July.
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    Re: Mastercam tutorial on programming a part, start to finish.

    I agree it's hard to find. You'll never have good workflow if you're never shown a process and that's not a big priority. Definitely watch the free mastercam University courses that should always be free.

    My company has 11 Doosan machines. Training is free for life with Ellison. We've used only a few hours because we mostly hire people who already know how to use the machines, but it means something when a company stands behind their product and makes a commitment to your success with it.

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