Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any advice or info you can provide. I recently purchase a second hand MPcnc that has a TB6560 Mach3 USB control board/motor driver. I was unable to get mach3 to work since I can't locate the mach3usb.dll plugin so I had to search for other options to send code to the router. So far, DrufelCNC is the only software I've found that will recognize the machine and allows me to send code. I ran the Crown test gcode and it functioned well. My issue is that I would like to generate toolpaths and gcode via Mastercam x4 and am at a loss. I've selected the machine type as default router and created some basic shapes to trace out. A square comes out fine. However, if i send a simple circular path, every circle comes out as a square. The crown test gcode contained a variety of circles and curves that came out fine. So I can only assume there is some setting in mastercam that I'm unaware of. MY experience is limited to modelling in solidworks and using mastercam to generate toolpaths to drip feed to my matsurra 760v. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.