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    Apr 2009

    Masterwood program

    Does anyone knows mastersystem 2 office?
    It is a cad-cam package (by Technos), Masterwood had for older machines with CN6 controler.
    Its new version must be Masterworks for the new machines of the company.

    Thanks for your time

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    Apr 2010

    Masterwood Software

    I'm a new member to CNC Zone have been working on Masterwood Machines for 9 years. I have the Masterwood 2 software you are looking for . you can contact me at llrhtecser@cs.com


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    Jun 2010

    I could use one too

    I have the Master System 2 office program, but the software key doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know if the program will work on XP? I ran it on an old 2000 computer. I bought the CNC and the software at auction, and have no recourse from the old owner to find out if this is the actual software key for the program. If anyone has a key and would like to part with it, let me know.

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    Re: I could use one too

    I am new here
    I am researching on getting a masterwood 316k.
    Do you know what kind of programming i can use for this and also how easy it is for programming?

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